Avast4 - Illegal Operation Error

  Whaty 07:46 16 Mar 2006

Good Morning..

Last night I loaded Avast4 from the PCA cover disc onto a friends laptop, after what seemed to be a successful install you are advised to re-start the computer, this is when the problems began.

After the re-start, the 'Illegal Operation' message was displayed, details are:-

Hposm caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 0167:bff9db61

Not only could I not closed error box with either the 'Close' button or the 'X' but I couldn't call Task Manager (Ctrl, Alt, Del) and I couldn't shut the machine down. It hadn't frozen, you just couldn't perform these tasks?

I managed to re-start the machine using the reset but, once again, as soon as the desktop appeared so did the error message.

I'm not familiar with avast but I managed to find an option to disable Kernel scanning within troubleshooting, I selected this and once again re-started the computer.

It seemed to work. On re-start the error message had gone...!! I then proceeded to update Avast using the update feature manually, both program and AV, after which Avast once again suggests you should re-start your computer, so I did...

You guessed, as soon as the desktop appeared so did the error message.!!

Try as I may I could not get rid of the message, and to make it worse, it is always in the foreground.

The machine also seems to have developed a tendency to 'lock up' (it did it twice whilst I was just navigating around the screens).

Any ideas? Has anyone else had similar problems with Avast?

Thanks in advance,


  remind 08:00 16 Mar 2006

never experienced those problems with avast, it's always been very well behaved. boot in safe mode, uninstall it, perhaps try the very latest version or avg (also free) click here

  remind 08:04 16 Mar 2006

additionally , remove/disable HP instant support feature, not required and seemed to be the first thing that crashed from your description
click here

  Whaty 09:39 16 Mar 2006

remind, thanks for your response. I agree that the message does seem to indicate a conflict with the HP software and it is an all-in-one printer that's installed.

I will try removing the HP Instant Support software but I'm not convinced that it will resolve the problem, although it relates to a Kernel32.dll problem, it is a different message.

Thanks again for your reply, it's worth a try.!


  Whaty 12:29 17 Mar 2006

Thought I'd bump it up the list to see if anyone else has any ideas..?

  Jackcoms 12:47 17 Mar 2006

I assume that you un-installed whatever AV you previously had in place before installing Avast?

There may a conflict if you now have 2 AV programs installed.

  Belatucadrus 13:02 17 Mar 2006

Not forgetting that avast! offer e-mail support for the free version at click here and have their own specialised forum at click here If this isn't an isolated problem, they may know the answer there.

  Whaty 22:56 17 Mar 2006

Jackcoms: The computer in question has NEVER had any AV on it..... ever.! I've been pestering my mate to put some AV protection on the machine for 18 months or more, they've never had a problem, I load Avast and it all goes wrong. You've got to smile.....

Belatucadrus: I've tried the FAQ section and I've scoured the forum (although I must admit I haven't posted) and I can find no reference to this problem. I found a thread on some obscure forum where someone else had exactly the same message, unfortunately the thread had no resolution.

Over the weekend I'll try the solution 'remind' posted and I've also found some pointers on the Microsoft Knowledge Base which I'll take a closer look at. One of these suggests that it may be a virus that's been lying dormant?

If I figure it out I'll post the resolution in this thread, in the meantime I'll check the resolved box....

Thanks to those who replied.


  Whaty 12:39 22 Mar 2006

I'm disappointed to say that this has beaten me.... for now.!

I've scanned for virus's, I've removed the HP software suggested in 'reminds' post, I've scoured the computer to find any traces of a previous AV product, I've removed and re-installed Avast, I've scoured the MS Knowledge Base, the HP Knowledge Base & various forums but unfortunately, I've not found the solution.

I haven't tried uninstalling & re-installing the HP software because I didn't have either the software or printer with me.

So, in a nutshell. Install Avast and the error message appears, remove it and all is okay.

For now I've had to remove Avast but if/when I find the solution, I'll post it here....!!!

Thanks again to those who responded.

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