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Avast - Warning - Trojan Horse Blocked

  AroundAgain 00:32 20 Nov 2012


I'm needing some advice please.

Laptop, running Win Vista, has Avast (Free)

My friend is having warning notices pop up on the Avast pop up, red, warning it had blocked a Trojen Horse. Being concerned, she asked me what this is about and what should she do!!! See here for screen dump of warning - Trojan Horse Blocked

So, I have been over and had a look, taken the screen shot when the warning appeared. I decided it would be best to do a Full Scan (Avast! free) which came up with No Threats Found.

Possibly stupidly, I clicked on 'More Details' and it opened what appeared to the an Avast website, which seemingly is promoting the paid for version. See here for screen shot Avast Web Page

I've tried Google search to find out if this is just scaremongering people into buying the paid for version or is this actually a Trojan that needs removing but I've not found anything about quite this.

Please can someone advise. I'm obviously concerned that she has an something nasty but have no experience with this situation so am a bit out of my depth here.

Thanks, I hope you know how grateful I am of help from you


  woodchip 19:40 20 Nov 2012

Its been blocked its not on the PC

  lotvic 20:48 20 Nov 2012

woodchip, easy way to find out where Avast found it and blocked it - look at the logs in Avast for each of the shields.

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