Avast version 9.Any problems?

  hiwatt 12:53 02 Dec 2013

Hi folks,is anyone here using the latest version of Avast?(version 9.0.2008)If so is anyone having any problems with it? I'm still using version 8.0.1497 as I've read of people having problems with version 9 but I'm being prompted to update but still unsure if I should do so just yet? Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks folks!

  spuds 13:57 02 Dec 2013

The only problem I seem to have with it, is the constant reminders and pop-ups about upgrading and the like. Which I never had before on other versions.

I suppose Avast are now getting wise to the amount of people using the free versions, so now they are going to do more sales prompting to keep the product viable?.

  hiwatt 14:10 02 Dec 2013

Can those not be changed the same as in older versions by going to settings and turning off the info and update pop ups?

  hiwatt 17:27 02 Dec 2013

Avast has served me well for years Jock1e. I just wanted to make sure the latest version was ok before updating to it.If that price was a 2one time" fee and not just for 1 year I would go for it but with careful browsing I find that Avast has been fie for me so far!

  woodchip 18:21 02 Dec 2013

Slow updates at boot, too many popups messages in right bottom corner of screen that I do not want to know about

  Muergo 20:25 02 Dec 2013

You never have been able to get something for nothing, always a catch, try staying with the free version of Spotify, an absolute bargain with music tracks going back nearly to wax cylinders, but must endure the adverts and constant enticements to upgrade, PAY, to reduce this. Someone, somewhere must be paying, it couldn't exist otherwise, I am very happy to put up with it.

Malwarebytes is another bargain freebie, wouldn't be without it, but put up with a very few popups to pay for it.

I do pay for Acronis True Image, and LastPass great password store and generator plus more, but that's because they limit the number of free storage slots.

So I am not a total parasite, just a pensioner trying to put my money where it has best return.

I used to subscribe to PC Advisor but finding every issue too many for my limited area of computing I now selectively buy a hard copy when the content interests me.

  hiwatt 13:51 03 Dec 2013

I installed it and all seems fine.It has a different layout but you can still turn off the info pop ups etc or reduce the amount of time the stay on the screen for. Thanks.

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