parkhead 18:57 19 Feb 2010

Hello Wizards,

1. I've used Avast Free Home Edition for virus protection for a few years and it appears to have served me well. However, a friend assures me that he was advised by an "expert" that the best free protection to use was Microsoft Security Essential. What do the wizards think?

2. While I am on, just one criticism of Avast - why does it take about seven hours (okay, slight exaggeration)to download updates?

Many thanks in anticipation of your very kind assistance.

  rdave13 19:03 19 Feb 2010

I use Avast 5 (version 4 for years) and served me very well. Don't understand why the program updates take so long for you. I'm running MSE on a netbook but in my humble opinion not so good as Avast. Also run SAS paid for version.

  tullie 19:09 19 Feb 2010

Avast updates dont take long for me.

  john 52 20:03 19 Feb 2010

Same here Avast updates very quickly

  Input Overload 21:20 19 Feb 2010

Microsoft Security Essentials is probably from my reading the best AV there is.

  Belatucadrus 21:55 19 Feb 2010

I found MSE updates much bigger than avast!, so much so that I had to take it off a dial up connected laptop some of the files were too big to download in the two hour window.

  Technotiger 21:57 19 Feb 2010

I changed from AVG Free to MSE, and very glad I did, IMHO MSE is grreat!

  DieSse 22:07 19 Feb 2010

I've changed from Avast and Avira to MSE for all my clients who want a free AV solution.

I'm impressed by the light use of system resources, and the ease and simplicity in use.

For myself I'm staying with a paid solution, Eset Security Suite, which has kept me totally trouble free for many painless years (it's also very light on system resources, and has the absolute best record in Virus Bulletin tests).

  rdave13 01:10 20 Feb 2010

I keep Avast for the light use of system resources and the fact its kept my PCs from the evil virus' and spyware in the big bad world of the ethernet.

  Input Overload 08:36 20 Feb 2010

DieSse, im with you with Eset both on my Desktop & my Laptop. It's never let me down once.

  dms_05 10:10 20 Feb 2010

I did use Avast with Vista but after I changed to Windows 7 I switched to MSE which is seamlessly integrated into the system. Best thing I did! I initially checked with Avast but after 3 months of trouble free operation I just run MSE and the Windows 7 firewall and have absolutely no problems.

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