Avast there, me hearties!

  Pesala 07:47 25 Aug 2005

I used AVG Free happily for a long time, until an update really messed up Windows ME. Then I was forced to try Avast: click here

No problems. Updating is fully automatic. Unlike with AVG, we don't need to click any buttons or post update reminders on PCA.

Give it a try. Maybe you will also prefer it. No idea which is better. I expect that either one offers effective protection against viruses.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:55 25 Aug 2005

I have to concur with that; Avast runs well, uses few resources on older machines, and updates itself regularly as stated above. It's perfect for the user who wants the mimimum of fuss.

  €dstowe 07:57 25 Aug 2005

I'm intrigued by your statement "Unlike with AVG, we don't need to click any buttons or post update reminders on PCA."

I use AVG free on my home computers and it updates automatically. It checks daily at between 7 - 8 am and does the update if one is available. All with no input from me.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:07 25 Aug 2005

€dstowe - I don't use AVG but just wonder what happens if an update is made available after 8am? Does it wait till the next day?

I know that Avast seems to update more than once a day and connects to the update server on a regular basis.

  Pesala 08:15 25 Aug 2005

I also had AVG set to check for updates automatically, which it did if my PC was switched on at the scheduled time, which it usually was. If it wasn't on at that time, no update was performed. Intervention was required to apply the update. I also used to manually update after seeing threads here.

With Avast, I don't have any interruption other than an audible alert saying that my virus database has been updated. It checks every four hours by default.

  Al94 08:32 25 Aug 2005

Agree with Pesala, AVG was fine but I switched a month ago and find Avast so effortless, somehow comforting to hear that little voice telling me it had been updated!

  €dstowe 09:47 25 Aug 2005

You can set the update checking time to anything you want - I just happen to have mine set at those times.
I also have it set to check for updates on bootup if the machine is not on at the scheduled time.

This is getting away from my point, though. A statement was made which I disputed.

  Dennis1 11:29 25 Aug 2005

I've been using Avast a while now and find the updating a lot easier than it was with AVG, but I think AVG have sorted their problems out now.

  Confab 11:42 25 Aug 2005

Used AVG but found problems with the updates so I switched to Avast with no problems at all. I've also turned off "VBS"(I think its called) as I had visions of a huge backup file on my PC and possibly low system recourses when its running. Can anyone tell me if they have had any issues with this? If not I’ll turn it back on.


  daba 11:46 25 Aug 2005

AVG can be set to automatically update at a specific time, update at bootup, update when an internet connection becomes available if not there at the scheduled time.

I have mine set to update between 02:00 and 03:59 hrs, then the virus scan is run automatically at 04:00 hrs, therefore always scanning with the most up-to-date database.

All these options are there, ready to be configured, so please don't be too hasty in posting reports that "this and that" can't do "this and that" until you are sure of the facts. RFM !

It is not fair to the providers of these excellent packages, especially AVG and SPF who provide these tools 'for free', to malign them in this way simply bacause you haven't bothered to learn how to use it.

There - said my piece....

  Dennis1 13:09 25 Aug 2005

People can only relay their experience with a certain product, Several months ago there was a lot of people posting about update problems with AVG and not just on this site. there I've said my piece as well.

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