Avast- 'Stopped or in an inconsistent state'- What now?

  buel 16:58 07 Apr 2012

Hi, My gf has just installed Avast and created an account with them, as promopted and yet still it repeatedly 'Warning, your system is unsecured' so when she double clicks on it she gets the message 'Stopped or in an inconsistent state'. Nothing she seems to do can cure it, please can anyone help?

  rdave13 17:04 07 Apr 2012

First of all I don't have an account with Avast as I use the free version. Use this removal tool in safe mode, http://www.avast.com/uninstall-utility

Reboot and install the free version, Downlod the free version.

  buel 17:13 07 Apr 2012

Thank you, she though/she still thinks she installed the free version?

  rdave13 17:37 07 Apr 2012

This is my start page in Avast free version.

"Not connected with any Avast! account."

  lotvic 00:25 08 Apr 2012

For the Free version you have to register your email details with Avast and then they email you your license code that you enter when you install the program. My email began with "Dear avast! user,Your registration of avast! free antivirus was successful. Your license key must now be inserted into the program.Your license key is:---------- " then follows instructions on how to insert it.

Is that what your g/f has done?

  Taff™ 07:33 08 Apr 2012

lotvic - Avast stopped using the e-mail notification system over 12 months ago. It's totally different now. Having downloaded and installed the free version you are either prompted to register the software at the end of installation or a pop up reminds you the following day.

You simply enter your e-mail address and name and it completes the registration. They don't e-mail you at all. Not even when you're registration is about to expire.

  buel 08:17 08 Apr 2012

Thank you very much!!

  lotvic 14:03 08 Apr 2012

Taff™, the date of my email is 27 October 2011 10:32 from support @ avast.com and contained my license key with instructions on how to insert it. I am using using avast! Free Antivirus v5.0 (orange ball)

"If you are using avast! Free Antivirus v5.0, you will see an orange ball icon. For users of avast! Home Edition v4.8 (blue ball) 1. Highlight the license key above, then right click on it and select "Copy"...etc"

  Taff™ 07:29 09 Apr 2012

lotvic - that explains it. You're still using an older version. Most of us will be on version 7 now and the procedure is as I described. why havent you ever upgraded to the latest version?

  lotvic 14:23 09 Apr 2012

Taff™, no that doesn't explain it, on checking I am actually on Version 7.0.1426 expires 1/11/2012 (my start page is same as rdave13's screenshot)

  lotvic 23:32 11 Apr 2012

I have solved my mystery of why I got an email last time. I was renewing not registering for first time install and I chose the 'Offline registration'

"no pass key has arrived and Avast says it is registered"

That would be correct if you have clicked on the 'Register' button in the program. Avast inserts a key for you and you never see it.

However if you clicked on the bottom option for Offline registration and went to the Registration Form on the website then you would be sent a license key via email, that you would have to copy and paste into the box that pops up when you click on 'Insert license key'. Screenshots and info on Avast support website http://tinyurl.com/6kqpglq

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