Avast, Spybot etc software not running

  martjc 14:13 12 Apr 2009

...So, I found my pc slowing to a crawl. Then unwanted sites were appearing. O.K. Spybot or Ad-Aware should help. Well, neither would work! Neither would Avast! which I've used for ages. Downloaded and tried pctools. No help there. It told me it was checking, but did nothing for an hour.

Did a restore with Acronis True Image.

This reported successful restore. Hey! this can't be right - new software is there in the *restored* image???

My anti V and spyware progs don't work, though they've been updated.

I really DON'T want to reinstall Windoze because I am dual booting with Linux and this would destroy the Linux boot loader. I'd then have to reinstall Linux as well!

Oh, finally when I tried to log in to the PCA site, I was told the user name and/or password were incorrect. So I'm using my laptop which has no problems.

Any ideas???

  martjc 14:37 12 Apr 2009


  Belatucadrus 14:47 12 Apr 2009

Have you tried getting avast! to run a boot time scan, though this would depend how badly affected your installation is.
A couple of interesting alternatives are:-
Dr Web LiveCD click here
Avira AntiVir Rescue System click here
Both run from a bootable CD you'll need to burn, thus circumventing any malware embedded in your Windows installation.

  phono 21:50 12 Apr 2009

Have to agree with Belatucadrus, this sounds like a malware infection.

Download and install Malwarebytes Antimalware from click here update it then run a quick scan, if it picks up anything let it deal with it then reboot your computer, if there was something found it is always a good idea to then run a complete scan.

Also try starting your PC in safe mode and see if Spybot or Ad-Aware will run okay.

  woodchip 22:10 12 Apr 2009

If Acronis does not work, you must have created a Backup Image with the Problem already on your computer. as it only puts back what was there when you create a image

  martjc 10:01 13 Apr 2009

...Belatucadrus: Dr Web found a trojan on the C: drive [but most of my files, includng OS WinXP, are on F:] Don't know yet if it fixed the problem. Am now trying the other alternatives offered if it's not right.

phono: Thanks for the link, will try that one next if req'd.

woodchip: The backup was made long before this problem. I think the malware is somehow stopping Acronis from working but allowing the 'successful' message.

Will get back later. Thanks to all.

  birdface 11:41 13 Apr 2009

Not free but you get a 30 day trial and it will remove anything that it finds not like some others that want paid first.if after 30 days you do not want it Just remove it but helped me out a fortnight ago when sorting My grand daughters computer which would not let me update her security programs.

click here

  martjc 20:46 13 Apr 2009

... have deleted and reinstalled spybot, ad-aware and Avast! neither will run.

Anyone else have any ideas???

  phono 21:37 13 Apr 2009

Have a look at this site click here pay particular attention to the posting about HiJackThis, download and install it, run it and post the resulting log to one of the sites linked to in the posting.

  birdface 23:28 13 Apr 2009

Maybe your Host file needing changed.

  martjc 09:54 14 Apr 2009

...have already tried Malwarebytes. That tells me it's found something that can't be removed without rebooting [probably because it's active in Windoze]. When I reboot, there is no further action from Malwarebytes and the problem remains.

Will try HJT next.

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