avast slowing down internet?

  jammin 10:30 17 Sep 2008

since i've installed avast it is taking a much longer time to open up web pages, it used to be much quicker with avg but had to change due to problems with avg 8
email also takes longer to open than previously
due i need to change some settings on avast?

  Cymro. 10:38 17 Sep 2008

I also find that Avast seems to slow everything down but don`t know if there is a better free spy ware to be had and so will be interested in any replies you get on this one jammin.

  rdave13 10:47 17 Sep 2008

Check resident shields are set to normal. Left click Avast icon in sys tray to open Resident protection window. Click details tab and in left column go through installed providers list. All of mine set to normal except Instant messaging and P2P shield which are set to high.

  provider 2 10:53 17 Sep 2008

You might want to have a look at these discussions on the Avast 4.8 free forum:

click here

  jammin 10:56 17 Sep 2008

all were set to normal and high for p2p and instant except for outlook exchange which was set to custom, i've changed that to normal but wont make any difference will it?

  provider 2 10:57 17 Sep 2008

Oops, try again: click here

  provider 2 11:03 17 Sep 2008

Apologies, looks as if I can`t transfer a search page address. It had to do with rdave13`s suggestion of lowering sensitivities to normal and a reference to a small ZoneAlarm problem.

  birdface 11:04 17 Sep 2008

Now we have here a bad review.click here Now there are lots of good reviews but mostly by companies selling Avast.having tried it I did not like it.takes ages to scan ,I have an oldish computer and it slowed it right down,So now use AVG with the resident shield and link scanner turned off.I preferred the AVG 7 version.Have heard good reports about Avira Anti-virus but will stick with what I have at the moment.

  provider 2 11:27 17 Sep 2008


A lot has changed in Avast! since July 07 and I think those criticisms are not now relevant to Avast 4.8 free.

Also, I`m not at all sure running AVG with the resident shield turned off can be protecting your system at all, though I could be entirely wrong in this.

  Stuartli 11:48 17 Sep 2008

My system is not, to the best of my experience, slowed down by the use of Avast!

I've had it on my system for some years now and, during the last two or three weeks, has been nabbing Trojans and malware on a regular basis after a period of around six months without such activities.

In any case even if it did, for any reason, slow down my system, it's preferable to suffering much more serious problems...:-)

  birdface 12:29 17 Sep 2008

It's nothing that a increase in memory would not help.But £60 to upgrade it would be more than the computer is worth.I did say it was an old computer and that was probably the problem.so if jammin's computer was as old that is why he was probably having problems.Maybe he should try a defrag if he has recently downloaded SP3.

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