AVAST seems slower than AVG to scan?

  Simsy 17:54 29 Dec 2004

Hi folks...

I've recently changed to using AVAST antivirus, from AVG...

(I was using the free version 6, with no problems, but started to have problems with the free version 7)

I'm not having any problems with AVAST, (though I don't like the interface as much as the AVG one, possibly just becasue of familiarity), but it does seem to be MUCH slower when performing a scan.

Using AVG, (6 or 7), it would scan all y system drives/partitions and take about 15/20 minutes; Using AVAST, just scanning my "C" drive, (2.5 gig used, 1 gig free), takes the best part of an hour!

Can anyone confirm a similar discrepancy in scanning times?

(Obviously the absolute times taken will be very varied, given the number of possible system combinations. I'm looking for comments from folk who have used both products and have made/ noticed a difference.)

My system is Win98se.




  Osgerby 18:02 29 Dec 2004

Yes Avast can be slower it depends on the spec of you computer, there is a place that if you have a slower computer to alter this at the risk of making avast a little less efective, in the On Acess Proction Control Standard Sheild untick the box Scan Executed Programs, that will make it a bit faster at the risk of not finding somthing.

  dagwoood 18:23 29 Dec 2004

I found it to be a LOT slower to do a full system scan than AVG 7(on Windows XP).


  Simsy 20:39 29 Dec 2004


So it seems to be the norm then!

Thanks also for your comment Osgerby.

I wont be concerned that something is awry with my AVAST instalation then!¬



  Buchan 35 21:29 29 Dec 2004

I`ve got both on my PC and run them alternatively. The first run of the day is at a fairly early hour then mid afternoon I run the other one. Paranoia, maybe , but up to now my PC is clean

  Buchan 35 21:31 29 Dec 2004

Simsy, sorry mate it must be age, I forgot to say that I prefer AVG

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