Avast Security and spam

  Pine Man 11:15 18 Dec 2011

I am trialling Avast Internet Security Suite and it seems very good indeed BUT I have done a test to check the anti-spam by sending myself an email containing XJSC4JDBQADN1.NSBN32IDNENGTUBE-STANDARD-ANTI-UBE-TEST-EMAILC.34X in accordance with this site http://dorianblog.info/technology/how-to-test-your-spam-filter/

The email never arrived! I have two email addresses and have sent emails to and from both but they never arrive!! Where have they gone?

I am a bit concerned because previous anti-spam programs I have used give you the option of dealing with spam when it has been identified.

  birdface 11:28 18 Dec 2011

I have Avast installed as well and there anti spam leaves a lot to be desired.I believe they only check mail from one provider Outlook.

I also have Eset on another computer and it will check my E-mails from windows live mail.And as far as I know Avast doesn't.

Apart from that no complaints with Avast except a few false positives that it gives occasionally.So remember not to delete anything maybe just quarantine them instead.

Where have they gone.probably classed as spam and deleted.

I take it you use Microsoft Outlook as your default e-mail provider.

  birdface 11:32 18 Dec 2011

WOT has no security ratings for the Site how to test your spam filter.

So maybe that is why you never recieved any mail.

  Pine Man 11:33 18 Dec 2011

Thanks for your very prompt response Buteman.

Yes I am using Outlook and nothing that I have sent to it containing spam has ever arrived. What really concerns me is that if an important email is treated as positive for spam I will never see it!

I still have McAfee (free) on my lap top and it quickly spotted the spam and put it in the spam folder. Maybe McAfee isn't that bad after all;-)

  Pine Man 12:00 18 Dec 2011

Avast can't be trusted, IMHO, so I have reinstalled McAfee:-)

  birdface 12:26 18 Dec 2011

Pine Man

With Eset it gives you the choice once e-mails have arrived whether you want to blacklist them or whitelist them.

Maybe you should have tried the trial version of that.I downloaded mine about 4 weeks ago with a 6 months trial.Posted the trial on here but no one was interested,

  birdface 12:38 18 Dec 2011

Well bless my cotton socks.Tried the Eset download again and it still works for 6 months.I now have another licence which I will put on my grandaughters computer.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:37 18 Dec 2011

Your infected e-mails (default settings) will have been placed in the virus chest where they can do no harm.

You need to check the settings in AVAST

Real Time Shields - Mail shields - Actions

there you can set what Avast will do with suspect email.

  Pine Man 15:44 18 Dec 2011

Thanks for the continuing responses guys.

The main problem I had with McAfee, which comes free with my ISP, is that a full scan used to take about 2 hours. After a recent McAfee software upgrade the scan then took about 4 hours!

I thought I would try some of the opposition and Avast only took 58 minutes to do a full scan but I wasn't happy with the way it dealt with spam in emails.

Having removed Avast, and then using the McAfee removal tool, I reinstalled McAfee and carried out a full scan. Result - 59 minutes - RESULT!

That'll do nicely for me:-)

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