Avast Removed Money.exe with out permission

  ened 08:13 27 Oct 2014

Avast has removed my Money.exe file without my permission.

I found it in the Virus Vault but even after restoring it Money would not open. I disabled Avast and re-installed Money 2000 but I had a back up on an external disc and cannot remember how to restore the backup. When I do: FILE – Restore Back up it freezes.

Any suggestions please?

PS - I coming to the end of my relationship with Avast: I don't understand why they keep making changes which cause problems. Could it be thye want people to buy the main product?

  spuds 09:01 27 Oct 2014

"Could it be thye want people to buy the main product?"

It would seem like it, no company can run on for ever, providing free downloads and services. So far with Avast, I am not having the problems other people seem to be having with that product over recent months (fingers now crossed).

  ened 14:50 27 Oct 2014

Resolved this - don't know how but it works.

Next job is to remove Avast and go back to AVG.

I expect somebody will be telling me they are worse

  Ian in Northampton 15:20 27 Oct 2014

Yep, I can tell you that... I gave up on AVG a year or two back after a host of problems. I installed AVG and have never looked back... :-)

  ened 15:39 27 Oct 2014

Ian in Northampton I gave up on AVG many years ago (doesn't time fly) but recently Avast has been really peeing me off!

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