Avast problems

  SURVEY 20:10 27 Nov 2009

Having just changed from AVG (because of the known link scanner problems) to Avast I have found that from time to time I am getting some 'bleed through' of items on my browser. For instance the small 'Sign Out' strip for my laptop or something from the Avast scan screen showing through on a browser page. Is this normal? Maybe I should go back to AVG and put up with the link scanner problem?

At the setup for Avast ther is mention that there may be a conflict with Zonealarm firewall causing browsers to slow up (just like the AVG 9). However my browser speed is unaffected. It is just 'bleed through'. Also I must admit that the Avast screens are not as smart or easy to use as AVG?

  rdave13 20:27 27 Nov 2009

Not sure I know what you mean. Avast will show a pop-up when updating, near system tray. I get no 'bleeding' at all. Have you uninstalled AVG totally? Someone posted that there is a removal tool for AVG. If you right click the icon in the notification area then click on program settings see if you can adjust to your liking.
Check security centre that Avast is recognised and AVG not listed.

  SURVEY 20:38 27 Nov 2009

Yes, AVG is properly uninstalled. By bleed through I just mean a message that had been on the computer screen does not disappear when a browser page is opened.

  rdave13 20:48 27 Nov 2009

I'm not getting that fault. Running Avast from when I installed W7. Have you rebooted since installation?

  SURVEY 21:35 27 Nov 2009

Yes, rebooted. I think the problem may have been when I left my laptop and it went into hibernation. On reawakening it the message appeared. Just rebooted and seems Ok now. Thanks.

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