Avast problem

  heavymetalkid 21:20 01 Nov 2005

Evening each, I run Avast virus checker and very good it is too. A couple of days ago I changed my dial-up to Broadband and since then the small Avast circular icon has vanished from my taskbar. Anyone know how to retrieve it?

  ade.h 21:37 01 Nov 2005

Right-click on any clear part of the notification area and select Customise Notifications. Check to see if it has been hidden.

  Splork 21:41 01 Nov 2005

Load Avast from the Start Menu shortcut, select Settings/Settings (it makes sense when you see it) , under Appearance, check the "Show avast tray icon" box

  heavymetalkid 21:53 01 Nov 2005

Ade H where is the notification area mate?

  ade.h 22:19 01 Nov 2005

"Where is the notification area?"

On the right side of the taskbar.

  Splork 22:22 01 Nov 2005

If there is no system tray icon, you won't see it anyway.

  Splork 22:22 01 Nov 2005

Except when Avast updates

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