Avast Pro or AVG Free

  DJ-Garry 12:15 05 Jan 2010

Hi guys.

I've just picked a second hand hp pavilion ze5400 lappy, running XP home v.2002 Service pk3, 2.4Gb P4 CPU, 1Gb RAM & 40Gb HDD. It has on it already, Avast Pro 4.8. I have no previous experience of Avast, but have an idea that it's somehow heavy on resources esp with all the 'On Access Protection' ..... I normally use AVG free which seems alot lighter. Is this the case or just my imagination??

Cheers, Garry

  Technotiger 12:21 05 Jan 2010

I would go for neither these days - instead download and install click here I use this myself, as do many other forum members now.

  Technotiger 12:23 05 Jan 2010

PS - download MSE, then go off-line and uninstall Avast. Then install MSE before going back on-line to update it.

  Graphicool1 12:23 05 Jan 2010

Unless you like paying for what you can get for nothing? I've been using it for years and have no complaints.
While you're about it you might want to add Spyware Terminator also free. In fact you won't have a dilemma with that, because they don't do a paid for version...click here

  DJ-Garry 13:38 05 Jan 2010

The thing is, The Avast Pro version is on here already ... bought and paid for ..... I'm just wondering ... is it as heavy on resourses as it seems ???

  Graphicool1 14:07 05 Jan 2010

The difference between Avast Home and Pro in usage is minimal. It runs in the background, checking inoming's and outgoing's. I don't believe it to be any more or less resource hungry than any other AV. It does it's job and most of the time I don't know it's there.

It's not like you're thinking about buying it. As you say, you already have it. Try it and see what you think. Open 'Task Manager' and check to see what it's using.

  PalaeoBill 15:02 05 Jan 2010

I'm running Avast Home on my laptop and MS Essentials on my desktops. The machines are much happier this way around. MSE slows down the laptop noticibly whereas Avast does not, yet on the desktops the opposite is true.
I think you need to do a 'suck it and see'.

  rawprawn 15:04 05 Jan 2010

Stay with Avast Pro until the license runs out.

  eysha 15:54 05 Jan 2010

is MSE a free programme?

  andyref 15:58 05 Jan 2010


  Technotiger 16:00 05 Jan 2010

MSE is Free!

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