AVAST - Not happy!!

  littlestan 08:55 10 Apr 2010

Hi all, I have free avast on my lappy. It just worries me! I keep getting green sign asking me to update. I click on it and zappo! The blue ball still twirls and guy tells me its updated everytime I use my pc, so I am concerned and confused that I am being protected if not able to update. SO ... I go onto Avast's site. Click to download the latest version (5 i think) nears the end of doing its stuff and then red cross warning giving me a message of avast 4 not fully installed or something along those lines ... didnt understand it to be honest.

I run a thorough scan each month and it SEEMS to be ok - but it doesnt want to give me another version and I am worried i am not protected.

I have thought about uninstalling and then reinstalling but really never had this trouble with AVG and thinking of jumping ship to them. Any advices out there please. Many thanks as always. LS

  Terry Brown 08:59 10 Apr 2010

If you think Avast is not working properly, then uninstall it, including any registry settings and re-install the latest version.

What do you have to lose?.

  onthelimit 09:13 10 Apr 2010

Or replace it with Windows Security Essentials.

  DieSse 10:24 10 Apr 2010

Download Avast5.

Download Revo uninstaller.

Disconnect from the web.

Use Revo to uninstall Avast4


Install Avast5

Connect to web, let Avast5 update.

Register for Avast5.

  Technotiger 10:30 10 Apr 2010

I just noticed slight miss-print in DieSse's response above - Restart should come AFTER Install Avast5!

  provider 2 10:44 10 Apr 2010

... use the Avast Uninstall Utility: click here and follow the instructions.

A second system restart may be necessary to get it going properly.

  provider 2 10:45 10 Apr 2010

... after installing Avast 5, I mean.

  provider 2 10:48 10 Apr 2010
  Clapton is God 13:16 10 Apr 2010

"I keep getting green sign asking me to update"

Have you actually set it to auto update??

Right click on the blue ball. Left click on Program Settings. Select 'Update (Basic)' and choose Automatic for Program and Virus database.

  woodchip 15:14 10 Apr 2010

sounds like you have not registered it though it free it need you do the above. you will get a e-mail with number to install

  provider 2 15:29 10 Apr 2010

If I remember rightly (v 4.8) if the program update box is ticked, it will check for just that and show the green slider, not the blue one.

It will update the database too, but the blue slider will not come up.

If only the database update is ticked you will get the blue slider.

The automatic update function is set to transfer the registration to v 5 and should do so automatically. If it doesn`t work the uninstall/re-install (v 5) is probably the quickest way to fix it.

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