avast installs dropbox without apparent permission

  ened 08:11 04 Oct 2014

This is more of an info advice than query.

If this has been covered before I apologise but the search boxes do not work for me on this site.

Yesterday a pop-up informed me Avast had upgraded (even though I set all my programmes not to automatically update) and I would need to restart my computer. At no time had I requested or authorized the upgrade. This morning I booted up as normal and the Windows security screen asked if I wanted to allow Dropbox to access my computer. I clicked 'Do not Allow'.

After making a cup of coffee I noticed Dropbox had installed anyway. I uninstalled it and ran antimalware bytes and all seemed okay.

On investigating it seems Avast has been doing this for at least five months but they claim you are given an option to opt out. Please be warned I was given no option and I am not very impressed.

I have yet to see a sensible explanation from Avast about this.

There are plenty of free utilities that protect you and if this happens again I for one will be looking at them.

  alanrwood 08:40 04 Oct 2014

Did you pick the "Custom " option when you installed Avast. If not then that is the reason it installed Dropbox.

  john bunyan 09:05 04 Oct 2014


That happened to me as well. I uninstalled Dropbox and carried on with Avast.

  john bunyan 09:11 04 Oct 2014

I also found that Avast , when the live monitoring option was selected, stopped me using iCloud. In the end I got Malawarebytes pro for that function. Maybe that is solved now.

  ened 10:02 04 Oct 2014

The thing is that, on this occasion, it upgraded itself without my knowledge or giving permission. If this has been going on for over five months I suspect it became fed up with my refusing an upgrade and did it by default. Something has been appearing on the screen (bottom right) but I have set their pop-ups to ONE second, so never really take much notice so long as it says up-to-date.

The first I knew about the upgrade was when a large pop-up appeared in the middle of the screen asking me to reboot.

I don't like that at all, I know it is free but I still like to have control over what goes into my machine.

I don't use any online storage but if this happens again I shall revert back to AVG

  Jollyjohn 11:22 04 Oct 2014

Anti virus does need to be kept up to date and the program updated on a regular basis. If you update Avast when asked and follow the steps there is a tick box for Dropbox to prevent it being installed.

I would not recommend AVG, it has got too bloated, but I can recommend Clamwin, especially for computers still running XP.

  lotvic 11:39 04 Oct 2014

I have Avast Free. My Update settings are: Virus Definitions - Automatic and ticked for Enable streaming updates. Program - Ask when an update is available

Under Tools: I have not enabled Software Updater or GrimeFighter

I seem to recall that when PC restarts after downloading a Program update a box pops up and it is on that I have to UNtick/deselect any 'Extras'.

Shall be keeping a beady eye on it next time there is a program update.

Just for info: if you want to re-read the last popup message (bottom right) then rightclick on the avast icon and there is an option 'Show last popup message'

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:13 04 Oct 2014

not only Dropbox but Chrome as well.

as stated earlier you need to select custom installed before you can get access to untick the boxes.

  woodchip 19:00 04 Oct 2014

Well drop Box is a good idea, but slows on-line browsing, Its for putting things in before running them. A extra safety net

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