Avast - Freezing and not running in Safe Mode

  Procrastinus 15:18 18 May 2008

Just installed Avast and tried my first scan. But the scan froze several times and always at the start of C:\System Volume Information. I have removed the Tracking Log file from System Volume Information whilst in Safe Mode as that used to cause AVG to freeze also. I also seem unable to run Avast in safe mode. So questions are:
How to work around freezing problem?
How to operate Avast scanner in Safe Mode?
PC details are: Dell 5100, Win XP SP2, Avast v. 4.8.1169, VPS v. 0805 18-0, Pentium 4 800 MHz, 512 RAM, ADSL connection, no messages appear at the freeze point.
Any ideas?

  Belatucadrus 15:29 18 May 2008

1) Have you fully removed any prior anti virus software ?
2) Have you tried a boot scan ? To do this open avast then go Menu / Schedule boot time scan, select the drives you need to scan then schedule & reboot.

  Procrastinus 15:59 18 May 2008

Thanks Belatucadrus, yes I have fully uninstalled AVG and run RegSeeker and CCleaner to get rid of any dross. I have searched all over the avast options and I just cannot find Menu/Schedule to organize a Boot Scan. Is this available with the free edition? If so, a pointer please!

  [DELETED] 16:22 18 May 2008

Right click icon in sys tray. Click on start avast antivirus.
Once it's scanned the memory click the arrow on top left, this will open a drop-down menu. Click on schedule boot-time scan.

  Procrastinus 20:14 18 May 2008

Thanks, rdave13, must be age and dumbness that I did not see it! Anyway the boot-time scan worked wonders - sailed past the 'choke point' and found no infections as well.
brundle, my thanks also, updated via your second suggestion.
All working well and sanitized.
This has to be the most helpful forum. I posted the same problem on the Avast forum slightly earlier and so far have had 35 reads and no replies!

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