Avast Free or Avast Pro @ £22.00 ?

  subi 18:41 22 Jun 2006

Have just installed Avast Anti-Virus Free Version.
Have had Norton since 2003 but recently, they have tried to get me to update to their 2006 version, and finally stopped Download Updates even though my subscription was valid until 21st September!!!! I believe other users when they say, Norton are " Con-Men "
Anyway, my question is, can I rely on this " Free " version of Avast for protection, or should I upgrade to the Pro. version?

  Belatucadrus 18:56 22 Jun 2006

The pro version gets some advanced configuration settings you don't really need and a script blocker. Free script blockers can be installed to fill this gap if you want click here or click here
You really only need the pro version if you don't qualify under the license terms for the free version.

  subi 19:12 22 Jun 2006

Many thanks for all the replies - I feel confident now that Avast free will be ideal for my useage.

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