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  K*B 15:29 08 Apr 2015

Hello Friends, has AVAST Free Antivirus audio announcements for definition updates been stopped? I haven't heard any from my latop in a while. What I see rather is the icon in the systray change from orange to blue and back sometimes. About 10 minutes ago the laptop froze! wouldn't open internet explorer, so I forced a power down using the power button and powered up again. No problem, quite easy. But there was a written message that popped up from the right hand bottom corner of the screen announcing that the virus definitions were out of date and I was given an option to update. Was surprised because definitions update has always beeb automatic. Has any of you who use Avast Free encountered such before? Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:05 08 Apr 2015

Settings - sounds - enable sound make sure is ticked

don't seem to get sound after a smart scan or on updates but did when it blocked a web site

I'm using a custom sound pack (pirate voice)

  K*B 20:01 08 Apr 2015

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\, but settings where? I take it that virus definitions update sound should still play? Grateful for response. Pls tell me: Settings where? Thanks.

  lotvic 20:43 08 Apr 2015

Left click on Orange globe and Avast overview window opens.

Settings is the last item on the list on the leftside (black strip with white text). click on Settings and new window opens 'General' and Sounds is halfway down. click on its down arrow to expand.

  K*B 15:24 09 Apr 2015

Thanks lotvic. I went to Settings and clicked on Sounds. I noticed that all the boxes under Sounds are ticked already, includong the "Enable Avast Sounds" box. I just want to hear the announcement when the virus definitions have been updated. I used to hear that quite often. Would it have something to do with my browser version? My OS is Vista Home Basic and the highest version of IE that it supports is IE version 9. Do you know if Avast has stopped supporting IE v. 9? Thanks in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:24 09 Apr 2015

Not heard any definitions update sounds or even noticed the popup since the latest program update, used to get it every time PC booted up.

Browser shouldn't make any difference as long as Avast is allowed through your firewall it should autoupdate

  K*B 21:53 10 Apr 2015

Thanks friends. If Fruit Bat /\0/\ gets the same no sound after updates then I will rest assured that all is well with Avast running on my laptop. I'm sure that other users of Avast have the same experience. Cheers.

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