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Avast forum attack?

  hiwatt 21:32 31 May 2014

Hi folks, I don't know if this is relatively old news?Avast's community forum was hacked? click here it's been quite a task to find the most up to date version of Avast.Filehippo haven't updated it for months and I personally wouldn't go near Cnet after a bad experience. Is there still a lot here who use Avast? I'm curious jst how better(if at all)Avast performs than that of MSE,Avira,AVG etc? Any opinions on what the best free anti virus program is are bound to be differing but would be interseting to hear? Thanks folks.


  john bunyan 21:42 31 May 2014

I have used Avira for a couple of years (free) and have had no problems. My grandchildren have AVG. I think MSE is less reliable.

  spuds 23:08 31 May 2014

I have Avast on all my machines, which updates daily automatically. Used it for ages with no problems.

If you want the latest free version of Avast, try Majorgeeks which shows latest version release dated 19/05/2014. Majorgeeks click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:53 01 Jun 2014

MSE - unless, even MS admit it

Avg - bloated use on a laptop (because it came with it on)

Avira - good (use on a desktop)

Avast - good (used on main PC for years)

  Ian in Northampton 08:59 01 Jun 2014

For all the 'major' stuff, such as security software, I'd always go to You're guaranteed an infection-free, latest version of the software, plus it self-installs and automagically says 'no' to all the crap you don't want. Worth a look.

Very happy Avast user here, btw. Left AVG a couple of years back because it was getting silly and, as Fruit Bat meant to say, even MS admit MSE doesn't compare well with other offerings.

  hiwatt 13:01 01 Jun 2014

Thanks for the opinions folks. I too have been using Avast for quite a few years now and I'm happy with it.I just wanted to see what other users preferred. I used to use Avira but was getting quite a lot of blue screen crashes and have been fine since switching to Avast.(Fingers crossed)

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