Avast false positive?

  stlucia2 15:16 06 Dec 2011

I've been using Avast for about a week now -- I previously had AVG but switched because of apparent compatibility problems with MS Office.

Anyway, Avast has today started giving me notice that it's detected a "Rootkit: hidden file", C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\sfloppy.sys. I suggests the appropriate action is to delete it, so I click okay. I then allowed it to reboot my PC and do a boot-time scan, as it suggested. That resulted in four notifications of corrupted files, but no trojans or anything nasty.

Then, a bit later the notice about the same file popped up, and I clicked on OK again to delete it again. But using Windows Explorer I see that the file is still there -- and the Avast notice has just popped up yet again.

The file size shows as 11.1KB whereas info on the internet http://www.file.net/process/sfloppy.sys.html suggests it should be 11,392 or 10,496 bytes. Seems like Avast can't delete it, so should I do so manually -- or maybe just move it to another location for a while to see if my PC really needs it?

  birdface 16:24 06 Dec 2011

I would go to the Avast Forum and see what is in there regarding it.

I know when I first started using Avast I got 3 false positives in the one go which nearly knackered my computer.

  hiwatt 17:05 06 Dec 2011

Yeah this is a false positive.I got it too as did many others.I deleted it but it's still there after reboot(Thankfully)as it's part of windows.

  hiwatt 17:07 06 Dec 2011

P.s just choose to ignore it to save the popup from recurring!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:08 06 Dec 2011

Yes definitely a false positive Just tell Avast to ignre it and not to do a bootscan.

  stlucia2 18:54 06 Dec 2011

Thanks guys. The warning hasn't popped up yet in this evening's session, so maybe Avast has forgotten about it already ;-)

  spuds 19:03 06 Dec 2011

I started to receive the same warning after the latest update today, and after downloading a new version yesterday evening. So it appears that there is something wrong on Avast's side. If so let's hope that they make the necessary corrections?.

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