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Avast - a bad experience

  hastelloy 08:09 18 Jun 2014

I finally decided to ditch MSE on my 3 machines and bought a 3 PC 1 year license for Avast Internet Security. Installed on XP no problem but wouldn't install on W7 PC. I rang Avast (24/7 FREE customer support). They took control of my PC and attempted to install with the same result.

They then decided that I needed to uninstall Widows Defender (which can't be done in W7 - it was disabled) and that the machine was infected. They then said they would pass me on to a technician who would sort everything out for me for 179 (not sure whether £ or $, they didn't say and I didn't ask.

I have now installed Avira with no problems and am awaiting a refund from Avast. I'm very disappointed.

  onthelimit1 08:18 18 Jun 2014

I've only used Avast free, which has installed on numerous machines with no problem, and am surprised at their attitude. having said that, I'm becoming quite a fan of Avira - seems much less intrusive than some of the others.

  hastelloy 08:19 18 Jun 2014

I tried Avast free after ringing them and had the same problem. As this is my main PC I dare not leave it without protection any longer.

  john bunyan 11:10 18 Jun 2014

I have used free Avira for a couple of years with no problems.

  spuds 12:28 18 Jun 2014

I have recommended and used Avast (free versions) for a number of years now, but over the past year things have began to get slightly worrying about that product. Its not the system itself, but the more frequent 'pop-ups' that seem to happen. Pop-ups that seem to suggest an upgrade or how many things that have happened to the computer etc.

Perhaps it is coming to the point that Avast will no longer be issued for free, and by subscription only?.

  Bald Eagle 21:01 19 Jun 2014

Run with Avast happily for ages. Read about Avira after seeing this thread. The worse thing I've ever done! Loaded it and it totally beggared my computer. Took me ages to remove it and then computer was still as slow as hell. Did a system restore and got rid of program but it wouldn't let me re-install Avast! Finally got it back but it wouldn't activate. Finally after a second download it worked again. Then I found that Firefox had stopped working and I had to re-jnstall that. Will keep well away from anything that has Avira in it's title.

  hastelloy 08:34 20 Jun 2014

Bald Eagle

I wasn't commenting on the relative merits of Avast and Avira - though I must say I am impressed with Avira so far - I was merely relating a bad experience with Avast customer support.

  Bald Eagle 11:52 20 Jun 2014

marvin42, I'm not blaming you! I went and read reviews of the various anti virus programs and Avira did come out as best.

  hastelloy 13:46 20 Jun 2014

Bald Eagle

That's fine - I didn't think that you were blaming me, I just thought you'd misunderstood the reason for the post.

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