avast av is it up to date

  johnnyrocker 09:22 09 Aug 2007

running xp pro sp2, the other day got a security warning that my avast was out of date any attempts to update failed as did uninstall (until i went into safe mode and removed it)came off line and re-installed from desktop, i got the same errors and suddenly a brief pop up appeared stating updating, i think all might be ok but i am not sure, there used to be a blue pop up just after booting up saying "updated" this does not happen anymore, also i now get a mail alert with a siren sound which i did not have before,have checked settings and they are as follows:-
build may 2007 4.7.1001
vps file compilation 5/8/2007
file vers 000763.5

cou;d anyone advise please?


  brundle 09:37 09 Aug 2007

Latest is 4.7.1029; click here
Avast uninstall utility;
click here

  Stuartli 10:01 09 Aug 2007

When Avast! is first installed, you get a licence to use it for around 60 days - it can be immediately updated from the Avast! website to last for around a year or more at no charge.

A long term licence key is sent to you by e-mail to copy and paste into the licence key box.

You do have to ensure that you tick the For Personal Use box when sending in your e-mail address and basic details.

  rdave13 15:43 09 Aug 2007

Is the folder on the desktop the original folder you first used to install Avast? I'm thinking that maybe there's some corruption there and that you might need to delet it and re-download. Then try an uninstall-reinstall.

  Stuartli 17:40 09 Aug 2007

The build date suggests, as I indicted, that the 60 days or so licence provisionally provided has "expired" - obtaining a licence direct from Avast!'s website should, if I'm correct, cure the impasse.

However, downloading the latest version and then obtaining a licence is the most sensible course.

  johnnyrocker 23:31 09 Aug 2007

sorry for the late response, just got back from manchester, the latest is i followed brundles info and downloaded both to desk top, came off line and used the uninstaller and re booted then reinstalled the latest version from desktop and followed all instructions only to be met with widows security centre saying avast could be out of date and me also being unable to obtain any web pages "cannot be displayed" however i have now system restored to before all this mornings work and now have the original 1001 version installed but still the windows security warning about avast being out of date but web pages now ok


  brundle 23:44 09 Aug 2007
  johnnyrocker 23:48 09 Aug 2007

thanks brundle i shall give that a try tomorrowand see if it comes up with anythin, have restored i shall try again in the morning your suggestions of today


  johnnyrocker 00:35 10 Aug 2007

after more digging about i found that my sygate firewall had been disabled but somehow still stopped avast working it has now updated to the latest, will give it 24 hrs then close if all ok thanks to all.


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