avast antivirus not updating

  blobbies 21:31 26 Aug 2014

Hi I have been using avast antivirus free edition for about 6 months but 2 weeks ago it stopped updating up to then fine,Manual updating no go stopping fire wall no go I have tried evrything but no go running WIN7 HOME. Any help please Blobbies

  john bunyan 21:36 26 Aug 2014

I have recently switched to the free version of Avast. I can only suggest you download it again to a folder, uninstall the old version, then install the latest one.

Filehippo Avast

  john bunyan 09:41 27 Aug 2014

It uses the windows firewall, I think. Mine did - when you look in Action centre it says "Windows Firewall is actively protecting your system"

  rdave13 13:29 27 Aug 2014

Before you use the Avast uninstaller tool and reinstall method try going to programs and features, click on Avast and select 'change', select 'repair' in the list. Once completed then reboot. See if that fixes it.

  blobbies 14:06 29 Aug 2014

Hi guys Thanks for your responses I have already tried your solutions but to no avail However it seems that the pro edition is having the same problems as the free edition PS the firwall that I use is zone alarm,but I tried with windows also. However I will try another avast download and see what happens.if not abandon it.

Thank you all Blobbies

  rdave13 15:02 29 Aug 2014

To try it without Zone Alarm firewall, it's sometimes needed to uninstall it completely (with removal tool if avail) as disabling doesn't completely work. On Win 7, Windows' own firewall is good enough.

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