Avast antivirus

  [email protected] 16:57 16 Dec 2006

I have Win XP Home and IE7.On the advice of members of this forum I downloaded and installed Avast antivirus and now I cannot receive e-mails via Outlook Express.The error message reads -ERR concurrent connections limit in avast exceeded(processes:msimn.exe[1],emproxy[19],Port 110,Secure(SSL):No,Server error 0x800CCC90,Error Number:0x800CCC90.Can anyone sort this out for me please?

  splatter 17:13 16 Dec 2006

Are you absolutley sure that the problem is avast! ? I use it, and have no problems at all.

  Stuartli 17:14 16 Dec 2006

If you click on the Avast! icon in the Notification Tray, you can check out the configuration for e-mails etc.

  splatter 17:19 16 Dec 2006

sorry, just noticed the reference to avast in the error message.

Have you tried disabling avast and the doing a send/receive in OE? If that fails, try uninstalling avast, restart your computer, fire Windows back up and then try a send/receive. If that then works download avast again (DO NOT use the installer you already have) and re-install.

Beyond that, I can't be of much help. Searching the error message on Google returned zero results.

  [email protected] 10:48 17 Dec 2006

Still no joy.Followed splatters advice and uninstalled then reinstalled but still get the same error message.If I disable Avast I can then receive e-mails so the problem seems to be within Avast itself.I have McAfee antivirus installed at present but the subscription expires soon and I want to use Avast instead so I was trying a trial run as it were.Perhaps there is incompatability here.

  VoG II 10:51 17 Dec 2006

try to run more than one antivirus program. Uninstall McAfee or Avast.

  Arnie 10:58 17 Dec 2006

This may help.

click here

  Arnie 11:03 17 Dec 2006

Follow VoG's advice.

Avast is an excellent AV program. Stick with it if you can.

  [email protected] 11:27 17 Dec 2006

Thanks for `shouting` at me VoG.Took your advice and uninstalled McAfee.Installed Avast and all seems well now.Thanks everyone for your time and trouble.

  mymate 12:35 17 Dec 2006

I have a friend whos computer was so slow,i cleaned up every thing,from the hints on this site. In the end it was because he had 2 firewalls running. Windows own one and McAfee one as well.i think he has probably got the same on his laptop as well,cause that is so slow as well.

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