Avast advice needed

  tonyx1302 16:04 19 Jan 2006

I run the excellent above antivirus for a long time but lately I have been getting reminders from Avast stating that my demo license is about to expiry...Feb 2nd.
What then. Do I just reload Avast again or is it like my M/S A/spyware and Avast will automatically give me another demo license with a new expire date ?


  Stuartli 16:15 19 Jan 2006

Go to the Avast! website and Register your details (also make sure you check the box that it is for private use).

You will be sent an e-mail with a long term registration number - open the Avast! panel, open the menu from the top left link>About and then delete the demo number before instering the new one you have been sent (cut and paste is easiest way).

Whilst you are on the Avast! website you might as well download the latest version (if you haven't already got it).

  tonyx1302 16:30 19 Jan 2006

Thank you kindly. I have been running Avast on a sixty day demo license which expires shortly but I didn't realize that I could get a long term reg number after that.

Got to go. My new reg number has just arrived in my inbox but I won't 'green tick' until I have done as you suggest in case I get a hiccup !


  tonyx1302 16:45 19 Jan 2006

Many thanks it worked as you said, but I now have an expiry date of 'never' and an update expiry date of April 2007 !

Thanks for help


  tonyx1302 16:47 19 Jan 2006

Whoops ! forgot to green tick.

  Skills 16:48 19 Jan 2006

I think avast like you to renew you license every 14months or so for free

  Stuartli 17:41 19 Jan 2006

You can obtain the long term registration number immediately if you wish.

In any case, Avast! is updated on a reasonably regular basis so you would have to renew it long before it expired.

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