Avast 5 Update Recommended

  provider 2 11:36 12 Feb 2010

Build number 5.0.418 released yesterday: click here

  Ventad 14:34 12 Feb 2010

Thank U done

  michaelw 15:29 12 Feb 2010

Can you install over v4 or do you have to uninstall 1st?

  rdave13 16:09 12 Feb 2010

That's how I installed it. Should carry on the registration from Version 4.

  provider 2 16:15 12 Feb 2010

It would be nice if there was a straight answer to this question.

Avast 5 FAQS (Knowledgebase) says the v5 installer will detect a previous version and uninstall it automaticallyclick here

On the other hand, there have been reports of this not working correctly and Add/Remove programs having to be used, but this too may fail and you have to use the Avast uninstaller utility:
click here

Up to you really, though there is somrthing to be said for a thorough clear-out and starting again with v5.

  michaelw 17:27 12 Feb 2010

Just to let everyone know, it's best to uninstall v4 first.

I didn't and installed over v4. Then I couldn't fully reboot up into my desktop. It just hung. So I had to boot into safemode, uninstall v4, boot up and install v5. Now it's fine.

  provider 2 17:46 12 Feb 2010

Many thanks for that ... the more info and feedback we have, the better, I think.

Hopefully, more Avast users here will let us know what worked for them.

  john 52 20:44 12 Feb 2010

Just updated to new version and I did not uninstall the old one as I had read that the new version would remove the older version.
On reboot found it had not installed correctly(unable to update manually and was not able to choose the type of scan) !! I did a system restore to see if if would go back to the previous version which it did not as it came up as an error on avast !! I then did a restore back to the current version and the new version is now working as it should
Hope my ramble makes sense :-)

  Ventad 09:13 13 Feb 2010

I just updated new version over the top and had no problem at all

  ACOLYTE 12:32 13 Feb 2010

I got this as a dload directly over the top of V4 from the updates,i had a pop up come on screen telling me there was a new version available and it installed no problem over the top of my old version.Looks nice too.

  provider 2 16:35 13 Feb 2010

This probably sounds like the fingers-crossed method of repair but some users have found that it does install correctly, yet won`t function as it should.

The quickest solution is to restart your system twice, apparently, and see how it goes from there.

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