Avast 4.8 CPU usage

  PalaeoBill 07:39 01 Dec 2009

Re: Avast 4.8 Home Free AV running on XP XP3.

Anyone have any suggestions how to curb Avast 4.8's continuous near 27% CPU usage. Can anything be tweaked in resident protection settings? I think the problem relates to ashdisp.exe. (Task manager shows CPU usage at 27% but in the process list nothing uses that much CPU and system idle sits at around 96%. Ashdisp.exe is close to the top of the list when sorted on CPU usage but never shows more than 4%). Whatever it is that's eating CPU, it isn't letting on. If I uninstall Avast the problem goes away so its definitly Avast.

I don't want to run without AV (and I really don't want to pay for it). I was running AVG 8.5 happily, then upgraded to AVG 9 which was heavier on CPU than Avast is and really slow browsing. I've also tried MS Essential and it too is worse than Avast in terms of constant CPU usage (surges up to 50%). I'm sure its my clunky old desktop to blame but any suggestions gratefully accepted.

  birdface 09:00 01 Dec 2009

[system idle sits at around 96%. ]
If system Idle Process is using 96% Avast cannot be using 27%.
Have you got another user account on your computer that may be set to run a scan.

  birdface 09:04 01 Dec 2009

Just wondering if you have left any AVG remains on your computer.
Maybe try a search to see if any are remaining and maybe delete them if safe to do so.

  provider 2 11:41 01 Dec 2009

Avast shouldn`t be using anything like this level of CPU.

It sounds like a conflict problem, probably to do with some remnants of AVG left behind. Try using AVG`s own uninstaller to see if that will resolve the issue: click here

  Belatucadrus 12:31 01 Dec 2009

My avast peaks CPU usage at about 30% while updating, but the rest of the time it's minimal.

  woodchip 13:29 01 Dec 2009

Does not use that on my Laptop running XP Home Centrino CPU But Avast does keep a check whats going on, on your computer so you will see a bit of movement but mine is as above virtually nothing

  PalaeoBill 02:14 02 Dec 2009

No other user account. On the performance tab, CPU usage sits at 27%, on the processes page, system idle varies between 96% and 98%. Wierd but that is what it is doing. System performance is seriously affected, moving the mouse causes the pointer to 'jerk' across the screen in a series of start/stop sequences.
I'm sure your right and there is a conflict but what and where and how I track it down has me stumped.

I downloaded and ran the AVG removal tool to no effect. It was the first thing I did. I have tried it several times since and been into the registry looking for "AVG".
All of the processes listed in task manager check out, I've identified each one. Whatever is running, its in stealth.
I do run Avast on my laptop and have done for a couple of years (I switched from AVG on the laptop becuase my uni e-mail is IMAP and I couldn't get AVG to scan it properly via Thunderbird). The laptop does not suffer from this problem but as far as I can tell Avast is configured the same on both PC's. The desktop is on XP Home the laptop on XP Pro, both run Zone Alarm, laptop is wireless, desktop is wired, these are the only differences.

  birdface 08:54 02 Dec 2009

Could the problem be Zone alarm then.
I know there have been problems with it lately for some users.
This is only something that i read when browsing other threads, so best waiting until someone can give you the proper advice on how to sort it.providing that it is the problem.

  anchor 09:02 02 Dec 2009

I use Zone Alarm and Avast; this combination does not result in high CPU usage on my PC. Also have WinXP home.

  birdface 09:08 02 Dec 2009

Hi.PalaeoBill just changed from AVG so thought that there may have been a problem with Zone Alarm with the change over.

  Batch 09:16 02 Dec 2009

See if these help:

click here

click here

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