Avant browser displayed on 2 monitors

  nighthawk7 23:34 12 Aug 2004

Hi All

Right i have opened avant browser on monitor one, and would like to open an additional avanat browser for my sencond monitor, but it wont let me. I'd prefer to use avant as its easier for switching between different websites.

Is this at all possible?

Many thanks Again .......... Mark

  nighthawk7 01:09 13 Aug 2004

Looks like i am still using Internet Explorer for my second Monitor.Oh No lol.

Lets hope someone can help with this one, its easier as all the windows are inside the browser instead of cluttering up the task bar

  Chegs ® 03:11 13 Aug 2004

I think thats what they call a "Tabbed" browser.

click here If you arrange the windows like this can you not get 1 page in one monitor and the second page in the other?

  nighthawk7 00:39 14 Aug 2004

No Unfortunately cascading the windows didnt work, yes they would split into 2 windows but you couldnt drag one onto the 2nd monitor, looks like i am going to be stuck with IE

Thanks Chegs ®

  Chegs ® 02:59 14 Aug 2004

As Avant uses IE files,can you not use the same method you used with your IE to get Avant across to the second monitor? You could try Opera browser,its got tabbed windows as well.I think its likely the windows within a window thats creating your problem,Opera lets you cfg it to open windows "outside" of the box.

  nighthawk7 04:03 14 Aug 2004

I have downloaded opera and it seems to be doing the job reasonably well. I agree another tabbed browser. looks good

Only can i import my favourites from Internet explorer/avant

If i can this will have definately solved my problem

Thanks Chegs.......... Mark

  nighthawk7 04:12 14 Aug 2004

Right i have tried doing File > Import > internet explorer, it then telle me they have been copied across but i cant find them arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh as one door opens another one slams shut.......are PCs worth all the hassle

  nighthawk7 04:14 14 Aug 2004

Ive found the imported favourites.

Many thanks chegs for sticking by me

Cheers ........... Mark

  Chegs ® 04:30 14 Aug 2004

Opera was my preferred browser until I heard about Avant.It has similar features to Avant,eg.Auto refresh/popup stopper,font sizes,etc.I only ceased using it due to Opera being ad supported and Avant was free(although I had a paid for earlier version)

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