Avant Browser ?

  Daibus 19:55 19 Sep 2003

What is the general opinion on the Avant Browser, in relation to other browsers, and especially to Internet Explorer ?

With thanks.

  -pops- 19:59 19 Sep 2003

I prefer it to IE and to that abomination that BT/Yahoo has come up with recently.

Give it a go, if you haven't already - it's free.

  Valvegrid 20:24 19 Sep 2003

I love it. I like the way you can turn on and off the scripting on the 'fly' also I find it a lot faster than IE and it's much more configurable than IE.

I've tried Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla FireBird and Netscape, but keep going back to Avant.


  Daibus 22:49 19 Sep 2003

Avant Browser.


  Mango Grummit 02:10 20 Sep 2003

I think Avant.........

......does not get enough publicity. For me (but not necessarily anyone else) it is the best.

Opera is not bad but cannot hold a candle to Avant for speed or displaying web pages the way the authors intended them to be seen. Many useful features too.

But, as I say, it may not be the same for everyone ---- just like anything else (eg. Me, AOL, XP, Grisoft, CD-RW disks, etc).

Try it and judge for yourself is the only way to learn if it is suitable for you, your rig and the way you have things set up.

  Valvegrid 07:24 20 Sep 2003

Just incase anyone wants to try it, here is the link: click here

  hugh-265156 09:07 20 Sep 2003

very nice ^

  Valvegrid 09:36 20 Sep 2003

Just one down-side, be careful on installing the AI-RoboForm option, you can accept or decline it at install. I found it did strange things on my system, so I removed it.


  hugh-265156 09:44 20 Sep 2003

i did not get this while installing but notice its available to download as a plugin via view/roboform toolbar.

  Valvegrid 09:49 20 Sep 2003

The original was offered at the first installation but they could have changed it in that case. BTW I have just upgraded to the latest version this morning.

  hugh-265156 09:55 20 Sep 2003

thanks Valvegrid,it doesnt seem to be installed.i prefer to manage my passwords manually anyway.

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