Available Hard Drive space keeps fluctuating

  thumbscrew 18:42 13 May 2017

Hi, can anyone tell me why the free space on my Hard Drive goes up and down randomly? A few days ago it was 102GB, today it states I have 95.2GB free but during this time I have hardly used the machine! Eventually it will climb back up and then this process starts all over again. I run Avast free and use Windows 7. I'd be grateful for anyone's opinion.

  Burn-it 00:31 14 May 2017

It could be temporary files or cache.

  alanrwood 09:14 14 May 2017

Have you emptied the Recycle Bin. T deleted files are still counted as non-free space until it is emptied.

  john bunyan 09:31 14 May 2017

Have you set up and managed your restore points? These, if set up, are created when there are updates.

  thumbscrew 10:21 14 May 2017

Many thanks Burn-it, alanrwood and john bunyan.I remove temporary files regularly and empty the recycle bin daily. However I've just found an almost hidden function in Disk Cleanup which removes all but the last restore point. Used it last night and HD free space has now increased to 99.5, remains to be seen if it reduces again!

  john bunyan 10:25 14 May 2017

I prefer to use CCleaner's tool function to control or delete restore points. Do you use CCleaner in general?

  thumbscrew 13:13 15 May 2017

Yes, I do use it, but I've never removed restore points with it.

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