Jazzyboo 21:48 22 Feb 2006

In My Comouter - if I click on C drive I get the following message.......... Windows cannot find autorun.exe therefore there is nothing showing there. I have system restored and that failed.

  Fateful Shadow 09:41 24 Feb 2006

click here

Scroll down to "Error message: Windows cannot find Autorun.exe" and follow the advice given.

One thing I can't understand though, if you can't access your C:\ drive, how do you delete/rename the file?! Maybe someone else with more knowledge can assist here?

Hope this helps a bit :)

  Gongoozler 09:54 24 Feb 2006

I think that somehow a file called autorun.inf has got itself copied into the root of the C drive. Have you perhaps copied a CD onto the C drive?

  terryf 10:01 24 Feb 2006

One way to access C drive could be to go to Start>Run and type cmd. A window will open. Type help>c:\help.txt which will give you a list of commands that you can use. In windows look for this file and print it for future reference. You will be able to get to the file you want probably using cd and dir. You may have to reboot to safe mode to delete certain files

  Gongoozler 10:16 24 Feb 2006

You should be able to access the C drive by right clicking it and selecting "Explore"

  Gongoozler 10:53 24 Feb 2006

.... and while you are right clicking on the C drive, note what action is in bold at the top of the list. This is the default action for double clicking.

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