Autorun in Safe Mode

  swapper 20:56 21 Aug 2004

Why would my CDRom drive "Autorun" work o.k. in safe mode, but not in normal mode.
The drive workes as normal apart from that.

  stalion 21:04 21 Aug 2004

do not know but try this click here

  swapper 21:08 21 Aug 2004

thanks stalion, have tried that, I have been trying to sort this for ages :-(

  stalion 21:13 21 Aug 2004

I would think this has already been mentioned as well then have you tried deleting in device manager and re-booting to let windows re-install yor drive.Regards

  woodchip 21:28 21 Aug 2004

CD does not work in Safe Mode

  swapper 22:13 21 Aug 2004

Hello stalion, yes, I have tried that, and on the reboot the autorun works fine, but when I switch off, the next time I switch on it has gone again, I have turned off "restore" but it makes no difference.

woodchip, you had me worried there :-) so I have just turned off, rebooted to safe mode and tried again with two cd's, one of my home made, the other a retail disc, both opened fine?

This is really bugging me, and such a small detail, can it be something within the registry, despite ccleaner and RegMechanic?

  swapper 22:14 21 Aug 2004

I should have added that my card reader works opens automatically without a hitch :-(

  woodchip 22:17 21 Aug 2004

Well that's something new on me, as In 98se the CD would not work in Safe mode but not tried it on XP

  woodchip 22:18 21 Aug 2004

Based on what you now say then you have a Driver Conflict

  swapper 23:00 21 Aug 2004

woodchip, I'm beginning to like you :-)
got any idea as to how I can explore this? I have tried "update driver" within the PC but it already has the best driver available (within WinXP) the CDRom is a Lite-On LTR-32123S

  woodchip 23:17 21 Aug 2004

You cannot update drivers for a CD drive as Windows provide Generic Protected Mode Drivers, If it's a CDRW drive the Software like NERO also loads Writing Drivers so you can write to a CDRW drive. But for a CD drive only it is controlled by the Windows MSCDEX driver file.

Have you tried removing the Drive from Device Manager this is the path to follow Right Click My Computer\Properties\Hardware\Device Manager expand CD drive click on the drive then at the top remove and restart computer and windows should reload the CD drive it may clear up the problem

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