autorun problem

  sphero 16:27 26 Nov 2005

Hello All,
I,m a new, absolute (approaching senility) member, so please excuse what may appear a simple question.
I’ve recently upgraded my Computer (WindowsME) with:-
MSI MS-7025 K8N Neo2 Platinum
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (Skt 939)
Micron 512MB DDR DIMM PC3200
nVidia MX4000 Card
After many hours fiddling I’ve managed to successfully install all components and my existing programmes and data and everything is running well except :-
1. On startup there is a ‘Platinum’ Logo which offers “press Tabs for Post or Del for BIOS” – If I press Tabs, startup just continues. Del,screen goes blank. (Cannot get into either)
2. Software will not autorun (did previously) This is a particular problem as the OEM system restore disc normally operated by inserting in drive, restarting to get the restore options – this no longer happens and I can find no way of operating it from the disc contents.

Can you help Please?

  stalion 16:46 26 Nov 2005
  LAP 19:07 26 Nov 2005

or C:\Windows\Repair & copy ‘autoexec.nt’ file and paste onto/into system32 folder.

This is with WinXP you might be able to with Me. Worth a try.

  VoG II 19:12 26 Nov 2005
  Sharpamatt 20:04 26 Nov 2005

your referance to MSI MS-7025 K8N Neo2 Platinum

and a system restore disc, raises a question or two that may be required to answer this, its presumed the MSI MS-7025 K8N Neo2 Platinum is a new mainboard,

Was the system restore disc, an original recovery disc supplied with the original system. If so do you have a full version of Windows or just an OEM. and can you add the original specs and make

This may allow someone to answer this problem

  sphero 21:48 26 Nov 2005

Problem of autorun solved thanks to VoG.
Still have problem with Recovery Disk – my Evesham computer came with WindowsME O/S preinstalled and a Recovery Disc that, when inserted in the CD-R/RW slot and computer restarted. generated a screen giving 4 recovery options up to and including, complete removal of all hard disk information with the re-installation of WindowsME and the programmes installed at time of purchase. This came up on black screen/white print and could only be accessed as above. (could this related to problem 1)

Sharpamatt: MSI ms-7025 is new.
Original spec:-
AMD Athlon 900 processor
20Gb HD
Midi Tower ATX
16xDVD-ROM + CDRW 4x4x24
32MB TNT2 M64 AGP Card
Microsoft WindowsME with Restore CD

  Sharpamatt 12:19 27 Nov 2005

sounds very much like a recovery rather than a full version of ME suppied by the makers,and operates in conjunction with files stored on the hard drive
in many cases once the original configeration is changed, then useing that CAN give minor problems and in some cases may not work at all

  sphero 18:37 27 Nov 2005

Thanks everyone
I've now read the smallprint on the recovery disk that it's performance is the sole responsibility of the computer manufacturer, so I'll pursue it with them.

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