Autorun - just a silly question (I think)

  swapper 08:26 18 Jul 2004

Despite "Microsoft Knowledge Base" "Microsoft Autorun-Fix" "scannow" a couple of Reg. cleaners, and a lot of useful imput on this Forum, I have lost the autorun facility on two PC's, both WinXP SP1 HE.
Since the initial clean installation of WinXP, both machines have had an extra HD installed.

Bearing in mind that "I know nutting", is it possible that something in the registry (or elswhere) is looking in the wrong place for the wrong thing.

The two drives (dvd/rom and cd/rw) were originally "D" and "E" drives, they are now "F" and "G"

Whadya fink? :-)

  hillybilly 08:31 18 Jul 2004

I know you tried other threads but I've not read them all through, so if you've tried this sorry for the repeat. Have tried just rolling back the CD rom driver?

  SANTOS7 11:16 18 Jul 2004

open my computer>right click on optical drive>select properties>autopley tab>that will give you a list of commands you want your drive to perform select the one you want>click apply>ok

  pc moron 11:35 18 Jul 2004

Have a look at this:

click here

click here

click here

The last link contains a few references to AutoPlay under CD & DVD Drives.

  swapper 22:24 19 Jul 2004

Hillybilly thanks but no drivers to roll back to :-(

Santos7 - thanks also, but that was the first thing I tried.

pc morn - thanks also, I have tried the first two links, I am still looking at the third, and trying to understand a bit more :-)

What I have done in the meantime is uninstall the last few progs that I installed to both PC's before this little problem arose and found this.

After I uninstalled Directx9.0 SDK on my first PC, I found that the cd/rom was working as normal again, as I remember it, I used RegMechanic, and one of Nortons cleanup utilities, and promptly lost the aurorun again on my PC.

I then uninstalled Directx9.9 sdk on the other pc, but this made no difference at all.

but at least I got something going again for a while so all is not lost :-)).

  stalion 22:30 19 Jul 2004

click here
try above

  Irishman 23:23 19 Jul 2004

click here

Tweak ui can control Autoplay.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 00:38 20 Jul 2004

click here under Fixes for XP look for Restore Autoplay Icon.

  swapper 21:31 20 Jul 2004

thanks for the help, It has not all sunk in yet.

I will come back.

  swapper 08:20 22 Jul 2004

stalion - tried that - no change- thanks anyway.
Irishman - ditto- thanks.
Fruie Bat - I could not get to this link? (I think?) :-((

I am now attempting to digest "Microsoft Knowledge base Article - 314096, it is a bit techy for me, can anyone advise me please?

btw - thanks for your imputs :-))

  Stuartli 10:29 22 Jul 2004

Windows CDROM driver is the basic driver for CD/DVD-ROM and rewriter drives - you can't roll back to it...:-)

To save typing etc here's a cut and paste link to what you probably require:

click here

It will also be detailed in Help and Support.

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