autoroute2005 install

  weeyin 15:49 08 Jan 2005

i have got autoroute 2005 (2 discs)the problem iam having is when i insert disc 1 it loads until it asks for run disc even after i have choose a full install in the options, tried 2nd disc but still same prob has anyone got any advice, cheers

  Pamy 16:35 08 Jan 2005

weeyin, what is second disk?


  weeyin 16:38 08 Jan 2005

pamy , its disc2 of 2discs,

  Pamy 16:47 08 Jan 2005

Yes , but is it the run disk?


  weeyin 16:56 08 Jan 2005

no i dont think so , sorry to sound stupid but i have eplored the 2 discs and on them it has got cd1run and disc 2 cdrun2. on disc 1 it has SETUP-AR, AUTORTE, PSTREETS, CD1RUN. disc2 has the same only cd2run. ihave tied to install cd1run after it starts it asks me to insert run disc, sorry if this sounds crazy but any help would be great,iam a novice as u can probably tell

  Pamy 17:08 08 Jan 2005

i would suggest that you uninstall (if anything has installed so far) via Add/Remove in control panell Try to reinstalling prog again and if the same problem occures contact supplier. Maybe someone else on this forum can help you.


  Djohn 17:11 08 Jan 2005

It should give you the full install to your hard drive if you require it. first thing to do now is un-install what is on there. Go to Start/all programs/Autoroute and see if it has its own uninstaller, if so, do it from there, if not go to your control panel and removing the install completely and starting again. I have 2004 version and it does not have its own un-installer but removes from Control panel quite easily.

On inserting Disk 1 it will ask if you wish to install the full program to your hard drive, click yes and let it continue until it ask for you to insert Disk 2. Insert disk 2 and close the CD draw but don't do anything else such as clicking on any dialogue boxes on the screen unless it request you to do so. The install of the second disk should start automatically.

  weeyin 17:32 08 Jan 2005

Djohn i have tied what u suggested, when prog starting install it gets half way thru, COPYING NEW FILES, when a box comes up asking to insert RUN DISC,is there a disc 3 with run disc on , cant understand it at all

  AndySD 17:47 08 Jan 2005

I have used this as a last resort when having problems installing programs click here but take note of the warning at the top.

  weeyin 17:57 08 Jan 2005

andysd, tried that mate still no joy, cheers anyway

  Djohn 19:39 08 Jan 2005

Sorry for the delay, having dinner :o)

No, only the 2 disk. Disk 1 is the set-up disk and Disk 2 is the "Run" disk.

How much room do you have on your hard drive? The minimum space required is 500 Mb to use the application from the CD or 1 Gb to do a full install and run from the hard drive.

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