Autoroute help needed.

  1936 18:08 10 Apr 2004

I have set a route taking me along the Welsh coast from the Severn Bridge right the way round the coast of the British Isles. Autoroute allows me to go four locations but then decides to take me back over the Severn Bridge and along the Somerset coast. Any help will be welcome.

  bremner 18:29 10 Apr 2004

I am afraid I do not fully understand your problem from what you have said so far.

I use Autoroute quite often so I am famililiar with it. Wjen you say it send you over the Severn Bridge into Somerset (Gods Country) where are you actually expecting to go. ie from where to where are you going?

  1936 18:49 10 Apr 2004

I am in the process of writing a guide to British camping and caravan sites with a view of the sea. having been round the coast I wanted to create a digital map using Autoroute 2002 showing all the 400 sites that I found in a clockwise direction round the coast. The first site that I visited was just over the Severn Bridge in Wales and the last site that I visited was the English side of the bridge at Aust.
I got three sites along the Welsh side and then Autoroute took me back over the bridge to Western-Sper-Mare and Somerset. I think that Autoroute thinks ist the shortest route.

  bremner 18:54 10 Apr 2004

Are you enetering all 400 sites in order into AutoRoute?

  1936 19:10 10 Apr 2004

Yes, I entered all the 400 sites one at a time as I do not know how to use data base or excell and the inport data function starting at one just over the Severn Bridge from England and going right round the British coast.
When I clicked "get directions" it was all right for three sites into Wales then nipped back over the bridge into England and Somerset. I don’t mind Somerset, in fact I visit the Watchet area regularly but its not where I want the map to take me.
In order to obtain continuity I have had to do three maps.
1. Showing from Blackpool up the Scottish coast and around down into Yorkshire.

2. Then from Yorkshire as far as Somerset.

3. Then Wales in a separate map.

I tried using the “avoid this area” function but that sends me all over the place. I would have thought that Autoroute would do one map but trying to get into the Microsoft help is beyond me.

Brian L

  ch0pper 19:20 10 Apr 2004

I can't understand your problem.

If you have entered 400 waypoints into Autoroute in order then it should use those waypoints to plot the route.

I just tried a simple route similar to yours but selecting just 15 waypoints around the coast and it worked fine for me.

Perhaps, you might like to save your route, and then try again, but this time stopping half-way round. Then you can see if Autoroute accuractely plots the coast roads, or simply gives you the shortest route from S.Wales to, say, Bridlington by driving right across the country rather than round the coast.

BTW, I envy your tenacity for inputting 400 waypoints.

  1936 19:27 10 Apr 2004

I will give it a try.

  bremner 19:28 10 Apr 2004

Ditto just tried 20 points around the coast and it worked fine.

I did notice that when I inputetted point sixteen it enetered it as twelve and I had to use the down arrow on the routing list to place it correstly - could this have been your problem?

  1936 19:50 10 Apr 2004

I have no problem with a site not showing the number that I input it as because it will look for the "best" route. I think that the problem is that Autoroute looked for the shortest route and when, having gone right round the country, I inputted the last site on the route which was the other side of the Bristol Channel Autoroute decided to nip back and over the bridge.

  bremner 19:54 10 Apr 2004

All I can say is that from my 'test' Autoroute followed the order exactly even if a later destination in the list was closer than the next.

  1936 20:25 10 Apr 2004

Iv'e got an idea. I have the coast set out in three maps and would like to past all three lots of directions onto one map and see how they run but I don't know how to copy from one map to another. Could you please tell me and I will see what happens.
It won't be untill tomorrow because her indoors tells me I'm needed.

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