Autoroute 2005 - printing problems (mirror image!)

  PA28 18:32 07 Feb 2005

I've finally purchased the new (2005) version of Autoroute. It works fine, but I've a peculiar problem with printing.

Printing to my Inkjet is fine - no problems. But when I print to my Brother 1440 Laser, the maps get printed OK but the directions text (and map title) comes out as a mirror image of what it should be. Literally to read it you have to hold it up and read in a mirror!

I'm running on default installation. I've looked in the help files to see if there is option for a "head up" display, but no joy. I've altered the laser output from raw to emf, again no change. This is most odd. Has anyone else had this and, more pertinently, does anyone know what the fix is?

  PA28 21:05 07 Feb 2005


  Dizzy Bob 22:07 07 Feb 2005

With some printer software, there is an option in Properties to 'flip' the image. I have used this in the past for T-Shirt transfers. Is it possible that you have a tick in this settings box.

A long shot i know, but maybe worth a try.

Dizzy Bob

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