'Autoplay' window not automatically appearing

  GALE 13:54 17 Oct 2004

When I connected my Minolta Dimage X20 digital camera to my computer running Windows XP I used to receive an 'Autoplay' box asking what action I wanted to perform. This no longer happens. I have checked the properties of "Removable
drive F" and verified that the AutoPlay tab, "Prompt me to choose an action" is selected. I cannot download images using my graphics software as it reports that the camera is not detected. I can only access the images
through Windows Explorer or the Dimage Viewer supplied by Minolta.
How can I restore the choices I used to have?

The PC Advisor Helpline answer was to say that Autoplay has been become disabled for removable
drives and they told me to open the Registry Editor and expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER to get to 'No Drive AutoRun' and check whether it is set
to 95 and if so, change it to 91.
I followed their instructions and found it already set to 91. Actually set to 0*00000091
Can anyone help me restore the 'Autoplay' function when camera connected?

  beeuuem 14:17 17 Oct 2004

You could try to repair the Autorun feature in XP.

click here and download and run the fix.

  GALE 18:48 17 Oct 2004

Thanks for replying.
Tried 'Autofix'
Initially it said, after I unpluged and pluged the camera back in, that I needed to restore settings, so I clicked 'Restore'
Unfortunately, 'Autoplay' menu still does not appear on desktop when camera is connected.
I have to click 'My Computer' then right click 'Removeable Disk (F:).
Menu opens allowing me to click 'Autoplay' on menu.
The window then opens which gives me a choice of what I want to do with the pictures.
This is the Autoplay window which used to automatically open on connection of the camera.
Have you any further ideas as to how I can restore this function?

  beeuuem 15:36 18 Oct 2004

I have no further ideas (I don't have XP on this machine) but this post will put you back to the front page. Maybe others will have further suggestions

  [email protected] 17:08 18 Oct 2004

Hi GALE. Do you have any other camera software installed? I was happy going along with Nikon then Mother Christmas brought a Fuji - and the problems started...nothing went properly until I got rid of both and used XP to handle everything. No problems since. If you have only the one software then its strange when you connect your camera it used to be XP Autoplay who asks you what to do as usually its the camera's own image handling software?. I suggest uninstalling both the the driver and/or image software for the camera - run an error check then install only the camera driver. XP should then recognise the storeage device whan you connect the camera and give you the Autoplay window you would like. Good luck.

  GALE 18:18 20 Oct 2004

Thanks for trying beeuuem.
wotbus. Tried uninstalling the 'Dimage Viewer' software that came with the camera.
This did not solve the problem.
On connecting my Minolta camera, the 'safely remove hardware' icon appears on the taskbar showing that the computer has recognized that the camera has been detected, but no 'Autoplay' menu appears on the desktop as it used to do.
I tried connecting a Sony Handicam and a message appeared to say 'New hardware detected' and then that it was a Sony Handicam and that the driver was being installed. I was then able to click 'My Computer' and access the 'Autoplay' menu the same way as I have to do with the Minolta.
I disconnected the Sony and reconnected, but did not get the 'Autoplay' menu appearing on the desktop.
The Minolta installation instructions did not provide or tell me to install a driver, as it said this was not required by Windows XP.
This is born out by the automatic installation of a driver for the Sony Handicam.
Any further ideas as to how to restore the ‘Autoplay’ feature?

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