Automation at start up

  lpl56407 11:50 16 Nov 2003

Anyone know how I can automate so that every time Windows XP starts 4 DOS Command Prompt windows are opened and 4 continuous PINGs are started, one in each window.

  Taran 12:44 16 Nov 2003

Well, there are a few ways to do it and most of them centre on creating a batch file to do the work.

I've never tried adjusting the Autoexec.bat file in Windows XP to add this type of feature into its start process but it works in older versions of Windows.

You could just write your .bat file and drag a shortcut to it into the Startup menu of Windows, which would probably be your simplest option.

To continually ping an address you use the -t switch after ping and before the IP address:

ping -t

Note the space after the word ping, and again after the -t switch.

An alternative would be to use the -n switch, followed by any high number, like this:

ping -n 500000

This one will ping the specified address 500000 and then stop pinging.

So a batch file could contain:

ping -t

ping -t

ping -t

ping -t

which would ping all of the above addresses continuously until you stop the command.

There are stacks of third party ping tools that allow this kind of operation, so don't go all out on a batch file unless it meets all requirements. Some of the third party colutions are tiny utilities: UOTrace is a 44k zip download with the buit in option of continuous ping. Obviously it would be easy to set your options in the program, then drag a shortcut to it into your start menu.

If you need more, post again.


  lpl56407 13:24 17 Nov 2003

Have just done this via BAT file and dropping into Startup.
Works perfectly.
Thanks again

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