automaticRecording of telephone calls

  bumpkin 16:23 25 Oct 2014

Hi all, many companies and authorities now record telephone calls. I don't currently have the same facility to record it also. I have seen this click here this do the job standard BT line but paid via Talktalk,


  bumpkin 16:26 25 Oct 2014

Usual jump down of the next word after the link, wish they would fix that.

  caccy 16:42 25 Oct 2014

I would check that it is UK compatable as it has what look like RJ45 sockets and not standard UK ones.

  bumpkin 16:59 25 Oct 2014

Very droll Misty:-)

  bumpkin 17:02 25 Oct 2014

Spec says RJ11 phone jack.

  AroundAgain 19:08 25 Oct 2014

This might help if you want adapter for RJ11 to UK standard phone connection (not that I have any knowledge here, though ;) )

I notice the ebay seller is Hong Kong though :)

  bumpkin 19:28 25 Oct 2014

Thanks Around Again, I don't mind a bit of a wait or paying more just want to ensure I get the right thing. I will see what others say before ordering anything.

  bumpkin 22:56 25 Oct 2014

Jock1e, fine, happy to do that but need something to record it within the first place.

  mole1944 08:10 26 Oct 2014

On my Samsung mobile i use Sancorder it records outgoing and incoming calls very useful and yes i always say i'm recording this call.

  bumpkin 12:59 26 Oct 2014

That sounds fine for a mobile but I want to record a land line. Anyone else got any advice on this please.

  spuds 13:59 26 Oct 2014

Having had a quick look on eBay, the device seems to be the best value item advertised, but three things come to mind with this device.

Is it compatible with your telephone system (it would appear so), and your computer would need to be on all the time, not sure about the provided software though?.

Me being me, at that price, I would probably purchase as an experiment at first, then go from there. Don't forget that the item is listed in Hong Kong, so expect 21 days for delivery as the normal, unless the seller as an arrangement with a UK or EU distributor, which some overseas seller's seem to have nowadays.

Regarding warning others about using a recording device, I have had situations were companies have phoned me, stated the usual "recording for training purpose", then when I have informed them that I will be doing the same, they have terminated the call!.

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