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  User-8CBE9B0D-6571-4E13-80A7C8BC3CD42355 21:05 14 Sep 2003

Hello all,
I would like to be able to download, on a daily basis, two files from a particular site and be able to do this without actually having to go to the site and click on the links to make the download. The files are in the same place daily, and have the same name each day. Task scheduler would enable me to run Internet Explorer at the same time, but does someone out there, in this vast and expanding knowledge base, know how to automate the rest of the process? Many thanks J

these files are stocks and shares files, available to all, free of charge, and will then be run in a variety of programmes.

Thanks again J

  leo49 21:23 14 Sep 2003

I would have look at download managers, Flashget for example has a scheduling facility.


  powerless 21:33 14 Sep 2003

Flashget is spyware according to SD.

  leo49 21:42 14 Sep 2003

I wouldn't know about the free one, but the full program definitely isn't and SD certainly doesn't report it as such.

Thanks for that both. If I get no joy there, do you think it would be possible to get some kind of script or batch file to the job? I'm not too hot on that side of things!! Thanks J

  Jester2K II 11:46 15 Sep 2003

Try Fresh Downloder click here Free, Scheduler, No Spyware at all

Thanks for that link jester, it looks the bees and dogs. I'll keep you all up to date as to how it works. Thanks for all your help. J

Hi all,

thanks to all of those who pointed me in the right direction regarding the downloads. After quite a bit of testing and messing about, I think I've cracked it. If anyone is looking to download files on a regular basis, this could well be for you. One confusing thing is that it only seems to have a 12 hour clock but still takes the time from the windows clock - I don't know how it knows it's am or pm! Still testing, but looking good. Thanks again J

  Jester2K II 22:05 21 Sep 2003

Although it only seems to allow you to set using 12 hour clock (no am / pm indicator) you can check if it is 7 am or 7 pm when you set it because the scheduled time appears on the line on 24 hour clock.

Future bug fix??

Yes Jester, noticed that yesterday. Right click the task and go properties and the time is displayed there. Move the time on 12 hours in the scheduler and it moves to am or pm in the properties. Still think it's very good though and seems to doing the job fine at the moment. j

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