Automatically changing desktop wallpapers in Win10

  Electronic_Eric 21:01 18 Feb 2017

I've decided that i'm quite bored of my desktop wallpaper, it's been the same for far too long. I'd like the desktop wallpaper to change on a daily basis with a freshly downloaded image exactly the same as the lock screen does on Windows 10.

Preferably, something that allows me to alter the change interval (just in case i want it to change at a different rate to daily) and something that allows me to select a theme of images. Eg. abstract, animals, buildings, nature, etc.

Does anyone recommend such a program?

I know that there are programs out there and it's built in to Windows to switch between images that have already been downloaded by the user but this is not what i want.


  BRYNIT 17:15 19 Feb 2017

Instructions on how to enable Windows 10 slideshow CLICK HERE

  Electronic_Eric 21:07 19 Feb 2017

Neither of your answers is what i'm looking for. I stated in my original question that i want the desktop wallpaper to automatically download the images from the internet and not for a slideshow of images that i've already downloaded.

  lotvic 22:02 19 Feb 2017

Windows Store, Brilli Wallpaper Changer or do a web search for 'windows 10 wallpaper changer'

no prob

  BRYNIT 17:19 20 Feb 2017

"i want the desktop wallpaper to automatically download the images from the internet"

I doubt you will find any program that will automatically download wallpaper/images from the internet you will need to download your own selection of images first and use something like slideshow.

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