automatic updates

  chrissy1 14:39 26 Jun 2007

im on xp sp2....have my updates to download and install why do i have a yellow shield telling me that updates ready for my comp and click to install....shouldnt have to do this should i if on do i know its not bogus?

  kindly 16:13 26 Jun 2007

That is a good point chrissy. Never thought about it before but mine does the same. I just click and let it do its thing, but you are right though about how do you know its not bogus.

  Noelg23 17:01 26 Jun 2007

mines the other way round. I set it not to install updates, only download them. Yet when it does download them come 3am it installs them when im in the middle of watching a movie...and then proceeds to reboot without even notifying me. Then I have to go back and change the settings again.

But its not just XP, the same happens on Vista too. So if someone can clear this up it would be very helpful.

  wee eddie 17:21 26 Jun 2007

You only get this when the Install is big.

Either to warn you that the PC will take a long time to Close Down.

Or to tell you that the Update will not take effect until after a Re-boot.

  chrissy1 17:28 26 Jun 2007

what i did wee eddy is.....i downloaded..there were 32 updates in the add and remove section and yes it said wouldnt take effect until restart..restarted then shield up again say updates available again..said iw advantage notification to download..wasnt sure so did a system restore which was sucessful but yellow shield still there...went into update website..said my computer set up for automatic ypdates..then clicked on update history where it said i hadnt downloaded any updates OR set up for automatic updates either...but i am.....

  wee eddie 17:41 26 Jun 2007

You have to download all the updates again.

For some reason you have a large volume of updates to down load. This used to happen when I was on Dial-up quite frequently.

Just let it get on with it. For whatever reason you may have to be on the web for several hours to download all the necessaries.

  chrissy1 21:14 26 Jun 2007

came bk onto computer and yellow shield in tray gone so went back into update wepage....says im set for a
automatic..looked in history and it has

update for windows xp (KB898461) sucessfully updated..source..automatic........but now when i want to turn comp has shield on the turn off me the option to turn off without downloading the confused......when in web page update sucessful today 26th june

  wee eddie 21:39 26 Jun 2007

It hasn't finished the download yet

  wee eddie 22:13 26 Jun 2007

I've just checked my Automatic Updates in the Control Panel.

It might be worthwhile checking that your settings haven't accidentally changed

  chrissy1 19:05 27 Jun 2007

updates set for have 73 updates in add/remove....52 for security windows xp plus another 11 windows xp

2 for scurity mic net framework sucessful one failed
1 for net framework version 2
security for media player 6.4
" " " media player plug-in
update for media format 11SDK
cumalative sec for IE6
" " " " " for outlook express
critical windows xp
critical office xp sp2 for MSXML 4.00 sp2

also 15 other updates there going back as far as sept.....ive never seen so many ....should i just leave them as they are all 73 plus??

checked settings..def set for automatic.

  wee eddie 19:34 27 Jun 2007

Let it install the lot. I, for one am not sufficiently knowledgeable about the inner workings of Windows to decide which I need, so I let it decide.

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