Automatic Totalling in a spreadsheet

  Abel 22:04 14 Jul 2004

I have a spreadsheet problem. A solution in Lotus 123 or Microsoft Excel would be appreciated.

I have a column of figures in which the individual amounts could be one of four different categories. The categories are denoted by a letter, on the same line as the amount to which it refers, in an adjacent column. The problem is, how can I get separate automatic totals for each of the categories? Is there an @function to provide the answer?

  pc moron 22:36 14 Jul 2004

If I understand correctly you can use SUMIF to do what you want.

If cells A1:A8 contain the values you want to sum and Cells B1:B8 contain the letter (I'll assume the letter is a, b, c or d) then use:

=SUMIF(A1:A8,a,B1:B8) to sum the values that have an "a" in the adjacent column.

For the other values replace the "a" in the formula with the appropriate letter.

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