Automatic Shutdown

  climb45 23:12 16 Oct 2003

I have a similar problem to a previous user: When I shut my PC down, the message "It is now safe to turn off your computer" comes up and I then have to press the power button to switch it off completely.

The response to the previous user was to enable APM. This I have done (not through the Control Panel > Power Options as such an option does not exist, but directly in the BIOS settings).

My computer will, however, still not turn off automatically.

The annoying thing is that this has only started happening since upgrading from Windows 98 to XP Home.

Any suggestions?

  powerless 23:20 16 Oct 2003
  climb45 23:34 16 Oct 2003

I see what you mean! I think I'll wait until tomorrow to work my way through Microsoft's suggestions. Thanks.

  climb45 16:10 07 May 2004

I ended up reinstalling Windows XP as I had various irritating issues. After reinstallation the APM option was available through the Control Panel > Power Options and I enabled it accordingly. Since then I have had no problems.

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