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  Chris the Ancient 15:40 27 Jul 2005

I'm currently designing a 'simple' website using, mostly, notepad and html commands (so that I can understand it when I look at it later!)

I have created a 'contact form' with check boxes and comment text inputs for feedback and questions from the user.

The appropriate bit of code for the table that makes up the form starts like this...

FORM METHOD="post" ENCTYPE="text/plain"
ACTION="mailto:[email protected]? subject=Contact page from Web site">

!--begin form proper-->

STRONG>What kind of comment would you like to make? /STRONG> /P>

... and then come all the user bits which work as I want.

At the end of the form there is a 'standard' script for them to send the form...

DIV ALIGN="center">


INPUT TYPE="submit" value="Send Comments" name="Submit">

INPUT TYPE="reset" value="Clear Form" name="Reset">





... and what I would LIKE to do is make it that when somebody clicks on the "submit" button, it is transmitted directly - without opening up Outlook Express.

Is this possible?

And id so, how?



p.s. fingers crossed that it appears OK in the forum. It looks awful in the 'create new subject' box!

  Chris the Ancient 15:42 27 Jul 2005

It missed off all the ">" symbols!

  Chris the Ancient 15:43 27 Jul 2005

I meant "<" symbols

  Chris the Ancient 08:42 28 Jul 2005

I have found that the Submit works fine in IE6 - but not in FireFox. FF opens the OE dialog - IE doesn't.

Is there a way of making FireFox act like IE6 for this?

  slowhand_1000 01:36 30 Jul 2005

I use a .php form click here on my sites to send the mail direct without opening OE. I may be wrong, but I couldn't get it to work any other way. It's not to bad to configure, even I understood it.

There's also formail click here amongst others

  Chris the Ancient 13:40 30 Jul 2005

Thanks for those links.

I'm up to me ears in other things at the moment, but I will definitely look later today.


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