Automatic file copy

  Steinman 22:59 15 Mar 2004

Is it possible to have a copy of a file automatically made @ same time as the file is being written to. Or, in other words I spose you could say a Carbon Copy, somewhere else within Windows? Running Me.
For example MSN conversations can be saved to a file within a named folder, so could they be saved to somewhere else @ the same time (on same pc)?

  wawadave 00:37 16 Mar 2004
  Steinman 21:34 17 Mar 2004

Thanks for the reply. It's a good program,but, I'm afraid there's always the buts, I can not see a way to get it to load up when Windows starts & so have to manually launch it. Which to a point defies the purpose of the program, as if I got to start it myself I can copy the files manually in about the same time. However, having said all that, if many files wanted to be copied then obviously a time saver!

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