Automatic connection

  GeeKay+Dee 12:36 30 Jul 2003

I've recently downloaded a pop up blocker and a fire wall from zone labs. When I turn the computer on, it automatically connects to the internet. Any ideas how to disable this?

  [DELETED] 12:51 30 Jul 2003

It could be the pop up nlocker trying to access the internet for updates and the like, it may also be Zone Alarm doing the same. You need to look at the settings on Zone Alarm to check for updates manually and the same for the Pop up stopper. You could also have a look at your internet connection and ensure it is not selected to dial automatically, set that to dial manually rather than when a connectoin is not present.

I can't give you all the specific instructions as I am not on a normal PC at the minute, this one is networked and has a different setup to a home PC.

Hope this is of some use.


  GeeKay+Dee 14:09 30 Jul 2003

Same as myself. On work pc at the mo. Thanks anyway and will try at home later. Cheers

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