"Automated System Recovery" -HA!

  DannyOH 17:03 04 Jan 2005


My Windows XP system has three separate hard drives, (System, and two backups).
The Sata 80Gb System Drive is divided into the four partitions:

C:\ (18.86Gb) -- dedicated to the Windows XP OS only. Then
P (28.52Gb)
Q (23.52Gb)
and R (5.78 Gb)

The remaining two separate drives are similarly partitioned and mostly empty.

In attempting to bring my system back from a host of irregularities, the "Last Known Good Configuration" facility did not do the job. Likewise, the "System Restore" facility failed to work--(again!) and yes, I did use the emboldened numbers.

Now I find that even the "Automated System Recovery" facility will not work. (Distinct flavor here of yet again being led up the garden path by Microsoft.

(Hair --pulling out!)

When engaging the ASR, I eventualy end up with the Bluescreen message:

“Unable to restore the configuration of your system. The capacity of your current system disk drive is insufficient, and cannot be used to recover the partitions on the original system disk. The replacement hard disk drives must be at least as large as the disks present on the original system.”

Now, having suspecting this might arise, I made certain that the C: Drive was well under half full. (Of the available 18.86 Gb on C:, 7.89Gb is used, with 10.9Gb reported as "free".)

You can understand why the message perplexes me.

Evidently the ASR facility thinks am trying to restore the system to a DIFFERENT drive--and a smaller one at that--but I’m not. I simply want it to restore the system to the way it was--like its supposed to--on the same drive.


  anon1 17:28 04 Jan 2005

If you set a restore point before you make any major changes to your system them it works very well indeed but sadly often this does not happen and all the bad stuff gets saved in the restore files too. the best bet for good information in my opinion is found click here an excellant source of help for MS products. Terry

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